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Injured Wrist

My 13 year old daughter was injured when a hockey ball hit her on the hand.  A bruise and lump appeared very quickly and it was very painful. An xray showed no broken bones so we just left it.  After almost 2 years the lump was still there and so was the pain. She found...

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Traumatic Ventouse Delivery

I have been using McTimoney Chiropractic for my four children for over eight years. I’ve seen it support them, by helping with pain issues and sleeping problems, it has encouraged good posture and generally given them a sense and knowledge of their body that I really believe they would not have had if not for...

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Vulval Pain

I volunteered for the pilot study to evaluate the effects of the McTimoney chiropractic technique on unprovoked vulvodynia out of sheer desperation! I have suffered from unprovoked vulvodynia for at least 7 years and traditional medical treatments for this painful condition have consistently failed to provide relief. My whole life was affected and the pain...

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Severe Muscle Spasms

My son started to have quite severe involuntary muscle spasms about 8 years ago. They started off quite mildly, often facial contortions then progressed over time, to his arms and legs flailing around falling off chairs and to the floor. These episodes would last up to a minute and would be bought on by extreme stress or excitement...

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"Since completing the treatment, my quality of life has increased dramatically"